Bulletin Board

Are you organizing a conference and looking for attendees? Have you recently discovered a gem of a resource? Are you on a quest to find a support group or hotline number?

Everyone who works in a clinical setting knows about the bulletin board – the one that sits in the corner of the staff room, overflowing with notices and announcements on different bits of paper.

Just like those infamous bulletin boards, this space (albeit arranged in a more organized fashion) exists for those seeking and sharing details of events, opportunities and resources.

The Huddle

You are probably familiar with ‘the huddle’ in clinical settings: short, stand-up meetings (usually 10 minutes or less) that take place at the start of each workday. Those of you who work on inpatient units may even have a huddle at the beginning of every major shift.

This page replicates the very nature of huddles, with helpful blog posts, snippets of bullet journal pages, and an advice column for those who need it.