Welcome to my first ever blog post! I approach this part of the website with a blend of excitement, trepidation and more than a little anxiety. However, that’s why this space exists: for us to safely share, create and be vulnerable.

So much of our time – especially of late – has been spent responding to stressful events and situations, leaving very few opportunities for us to dream and envision positive changes.

Today, though, I am giving myself the space and grace to be a dreamer…

Recently, a friend asked what I have planned following the publication of my book, ‘Hey, I Could Use a Little Help Here!’.

What, indeed?

To be honest, simply writing the book has been a lot to take in. Writing, revising, editing and proofreading some of the chapters about my experience of healthcare workplace violence took me back to some very dark places. While necessary, the whole process was not an easy undertaking.

So, what next? What does the future of this dreamer look like?

Before we start, here is an important disclaimer you may have heard before: I LOVE lists. With that in mind, I’ve taken a little time to make a list of what I dream for the future:

  • Making workshops available to those who would like to hone their skills around finding and using their voices to advocate for themselves, their patients, and workplace changes.
  • Spreading the word about upcoming legislation that promotes safety in healthcare settings.
  • Allowing space for people to share their struggles and key learnings after experiencing healthcare workplace violence.
  • Expanding on what helps us heal and survive violence and constructing some of the pillars that facilitate resilience.
  • Establishing a survivors’ support fund. Victims of workplace violence often find themselves with decreased income, lacking health insurance for themselves and their families – not to mention, no place to turn to find the money to keep the lights on until they have a chance to heal. This fund could provide emergency grants that although small, would make a huge difference in someone’s life.
  • Building an online boutique showcasing creative items designed and made by healthcare workers. This would carve a space for people to promote their creativity, with a small portion of the sales providing the monetary support to the survivors’ support fund.
  • When the world re-opens for safe travel, it would be lovely to host healing retreat weekends. These events would allow people to engage in activities and embark upon their healing journeys in a safe space, surrounded by the support of others.

We are all in this together and we heal best in community! I’m really looking forward to having a place where we can share resources and ideas that cross the thresholds of multiple professions and open doors to collaboration. I hope for this space to become just that!

I would love to hear your visions, whether they are about changing the future of healthcare workplace safety, healing from violence or shifting the healthcare workplace culture in the direction towards becoming healing, engaging, inclusive and supportive. If you have an idea in mind, please feel free to drop a line via the CONTACT link!

Enough of my dreams, for now. Stay tuned for more ideas and activities!  

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